Antithesis was initially formed in Lord of the Rings Online, on the Windfola server, when the top players from a variety of kins came together under one "anti-drama" banner.  In seemingly no time at all, it became the top PvE and PvP kinship on the server.  With Riders of Rohan, Antithesis moved to Elendilmir and became the first North American server kin (and World 2nd) to beat the Erebor T2C raid cluster.

With the subsequent decline of LOTRO raiding, the core group looked for a new challenge and moved to FFXIV: ARR a few months after its launch in 2013. Now playing on the Adamantoise server with the FC tag <ANTI>, the group has beaten all Turns (T1-5, T6-9, and T10-13) in the Binding Coil raid clusters, on level and pre-nerf (i.e. no echo buff).

Following the release of the Heavensward expansion in FFXIV, Antithesis completed all the new Savage content, downing Alexander Floor 4 Savage on October 23, 2015. This was followed up by a server-first 7-man kill of Alex 3 Savage. Antithesis then became the first midcore static on the server to clear the second Alex cluster, beating Floor 8 Savage (A8S) on July 30, 2016. After the disappointingly easy final Alex cluster of A9S to A12S, the team is now gearing up for the new Stormblood expansion in the hope of a greater challenge.